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LICE Anti-lice Anti-nits

Available in flacon 100ml or 200ml

Offered Comb

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  • Therapeutic Program for lice and nits

    No toxics - no chemicals

    It is a treatment that combats lice and nit and includes a lotion and a special fine comb. It contains no toxic substance or insecticide. Suitable for adults and children from 2 years old.

    Long gone is the time when the anti lice product had to be left on the head throughout the entire night in order to it to act. Now all you need is 15 minutes from the time of application and you're done! Then shampoo the hair with Poux Apaisyl, rinse and remove the dead lice. Then carefully comb all the hair with a special comb to remove nits can remain stuck to the hair.

    Innovation: New studies performed in 2011 show that one application is sufficient to get rid of lice and nits.

    Action without chemical insecticide

    In recent years lice have developed resistance to standard treatments containing insecticide substances. The term "resistance" means that due to genetic mutation, the lice have found a way to survive earlier treatments which used to be effective. Poux Apaisyl does not use chemicals to kill lice with mechanical asphyxia thus getting rid of the problem without irritation to the skin and the eyes.

  • Poux Apaisyl lotion contains coconut oil derivatives that prevent lice from breathing and so they die from suffocation. Thanks to the mechanical action of the product lice do not develop any resistance. With a gentle shampoo with Poux Apaisyl lice and nits are killed.

    • Use Poux Apaisyl as a lotion on dry hair, massage gently.
    • Let it act for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
    • Very carefully pass all the wet hair with a special comb to loosen the nits from the hair. While combing make sure the comb remains in contact with the skin of the scalp as much as possible. After each stroke check the comb for lice and rinse. In the process, use a white towel to easily identify lice.
    • Protect eyes during application and rinsing. Children must be supervised by an adult. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and if irritation persists consult your doctor.
    • For external use only, keep away from children.


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LICE Anti-lice Anti-nits

LICE Anti-lice Anti-nits

Available in flacon 100ml or 200ml

Offered Comb

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